Drapery and Curtain Tracks

Extremely popular in the hospitality industry, drapery and curtain track systems are often pairs with roller shades to provide an aesthetically pleasing and functional hotel room experience. These systems are also commonly used in theater spaces and gymnasiums among other applications. A variety of track options and accessories are available for customizing a track system to perfectly fit your space and the desired look, including double tracks, corner sections, ripple fold guides, and more.

Combined with a SolaraiTM CORE, GROUP, or PLUS control system, shades can be manually and/or automatically operated to control interior ambient natural light levels and minimize heat gain with certain reflective fabrics. SolaraiTM GROUP and PLUS may also be used for building wide automation strategies and more advanced BACnet BMS integration. Status monitoring, override control, and scheduling are all possible from the front desk or facility management office for central monitoring and control for larger installations.

Drapery Track



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