Control Without Compromise

Founded in 2002, Embedia has emerged as a leading developer of building automation controls with a primary focus on specialty shading systems.  The company's highly flexible range of intelligent motor controllers and integration products enable architects and developers to create sustainable spaces without sacrificing comfort and style embodying our mission of Control Without Compromise. 

Pioneering a unique distributed intelligence architecture, Embedia's Solarai line of control products effectively eliminates single points of failure prevalent in traditional control systems making these products not only extremely flexible, but also highly robust.  Embedia's proprietary advanced sun angle of incidence algorithms allow proactive positioning of nearly any type of interior or exterior shading product, enabling the most demanding performance specifications required to meet solar control objectives and achieve optimal energy efficiency.


Embedia values integrity innovation quality reliability relationships


Manufacturing Facility
Embedia manufactures the products that it designs in-house at its facility in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.