Advanced Intelligent Automation

Proactive Sun Tracking Control


As Embedia's flagship line, Solarai PLUS products offer industry leading automation with unmatched performance and reliability. Matching all of the functionality of a GROUP system with the addition of a fully distributed architecture, an industry exclusive feature, among other advanced features. Proprietary sun angle of incidence algorithms are built into each controller enabling full solar tracking, including advanced building / environmental modeling and anti-glare/thermal protection regions, without the need for a centralized zone controller or server. By eliminating single points of failure, a PLUS level control system provides unparalleled resiliency ensuring shading elements are always in the optimal position. Building performance and occupant comfort are optimized and any failures, should they occur, are localized without affecting the performance of the rest of the system. As a fully distributed system, PLUS level controls are not limited by zones enabling solar protection that is optimized for each individual shading element without sacrificing uniformity regardless of the size of your project. Solarai PLUS truly embodies Embedia's mission of Control Without Compromise.

  • All GROUP functionality PLUS...
  • Fully distributed control architecture
  • Sun tracking including advanced modelling
    • Anti-glare and thermal protection regions
    • Overshadowing and reflected glare
    • Building and environment modeling
  • Optimal energy efficiency and user comfort