Specialty Venetian Blinds

Controlled effectively, motorized venetian/horizontal blinds offer an extremely efficient shading solution.

Ideally suited for exterior mounting or in the cavity of a Double Skin Façade, exterior venetian or horizontal blinds reduce or redirect solar heat gain and eliminate uncomfortable glare while maximizing the amount of natural light entering a space.  Although interior mounted systems are slightly less efficient, they still outperform many other shading products.

Combined with a SolaraiTM PLUS level control system that automatically positions the slats according to predicted and actual environmental conditions, Specialty Venetian Blinds provide the optimal balance between energy savings and occupant comfort.

SolaraiTM GROUP level control systems may also be used with Specialty Venetian Blinds to provide individual or zoned response based automation from switches, smart devices, timers, strategically placed environmental sensors, and more.

Venetians in Cavity of Double Skin Facade
Interior Space with Venetian Blinds


Aluminum Slats

Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Timber Slats

Timber Venetian Blinds



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