Manitoba Hydro Place

Project Description
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Manitoba Hydro Place set a new standard for large scale tower design showing that Net Zero is achievable in extreme climates.  Embedia's control system works in conjunction with the BMS to control roller shades and venetian blinds both on the interior and within an innovative double skin facade. In a geographical location that experiences significantly changes throughout the year, temperature and light sensors are used to maintain optimal interior conditions at all times, in terms of both natural light and thermal comfort. A customized user interface allows each employee to control the shades in their immediate vicinity. These factors combine to create a healthy office space with very low occupant absenteeism (only 1.5 days/employee), in addition to massive energy savings that are achieved.  The LEED Platinum certified building is 80% more efficient than comparable conventional buildings making it the third most energy efficient building in the world at the time of construction.

A secure VPN connection to the system facilitates remote monitored and maintenance of the shading controls from Embedia’s office in Calgary.

  • Project Architect
    KPMB Architects
  • Control Features
    Interior Roller Shades , Interior Venetian Blinds , Double Skin Facade , Predictive Solar Tracking , Control Panel Software , Floorplan Views , Custom Dashboard Interface , Mobile Web App , BMS Integration
  • Certification and Awards
    LEED Platinum Certified
    2011 - Innovation in Architecture - Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
    2010 - Top Ten Green Buildings - AIA Committee on the Environment
    2010 - Project Winner, Sustainable Architectur & Building Magazine Award
    2010 - National Urban Design Award - Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
    2010 - Canadian Green Building Award - Sustainable Architecture and Building
    2010 - ACEC Canadian Consulting Engineering Award, Buildings
    UDIA NSW Awards for Excellence Retail/Commercial Development 2011
    2009 - Best Tall Building Americas - Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
    2008 - IBS Award, Highly Commended
    2006 - Canadian Architect's Award for Design Excellence
    Award of Excellence - Canadian Consulting Engineering
    Keystone Award and Award of Excellence - Consulting Engineers of Manitoba
    Award of Excellence Sustainable Design - Consulting Engineers of Alberta