WinSport - Markin MacPhail Centre

Project Description
Calgary, AB, Canada

The Markin MacPhail Centre features a mix of Solarai Plus and Solarai Core shade controllers.  Roller shades throughout the Performance Training Centre and WinSport Event Centre use the sun tracking capabilities of the Solarai Plus system to automatically adjust their positioning based on the solar path.  This allows for an optimal interior environment with maximum levels of natural light while eliminating the associated glare.  Roof mounted sensors are used to detect overcast days when shades can be retracted.  The multipurpose room uses Solarai Core controllers for local switch based control so the shading systems can be adjusted by event planners and other occupants to meet the specific needs of their function.  A Solarai Control Panel software GUI with mobile support allows facilities staff to manage the system from their maintenance office, remotely, or using their mobile devices.